• My best friend asked me “how do I get started in the stock market?”

    Luckily I know!
    I started back in my 10th grade marketing class, I loved that class it was a glorious time especially since I was first introduced to. “The Stock-market” The markets can be extremely risky especially when you don’t research where your actually putting your money. 
    A bit overwhelmed I started to persistently learn through trial and error and finding what worked and what didn’t. much information over the next 2 year since I knew the value of making money off your a money off it over time. I was immediately intrigued and started playing virtual game, having no clue what I was doing but I enjoyed seeing the numbers go up and down. If you want the rest of the story and my 3 secret steps I told my best friend enter your email below.  

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The goal of this website is to help inform and simplify the whole trading process for new and beginner traders/investors so they don’t make the same mistakes I made along with 99% of traders make when they first get started.                                  

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  • Just a heads-up & update on young-traders,

    I’m working on new updates & content for 2017 as I get closer to finishing my Sophomore year in College.  Back on 9/25/16 YT’s hosting database got corrupted somehow which caused the site to go blank & cost me 6-Months of work put into the site. At-least I had 1 OLD backup saved on my computer from April, but the main problem was I had all my Latest backups saved on a plugin inside my site which I couldn’t access after my hosting got screwed. Luckily, I’ve learned from this experience and will always keep the latest backup on my extra hard-drive or cloud. I’m looking at this as an opportunity to create an even better version of young-traders.com 

    Well, with all that in-mind, I’m back to construction on the website. Thanks for your patience.