About Aaron

          Welcome to my website, My name is Aaron and I’m a 19 year old young-trader living in Arizona. When I was a sophomore in high-school, I was introduced to the stockmarket & ever since I’ve been consistently learning & experiencing the markets. During lunch in high-school, I would go into the computer lab and research the markets since I was so motivated to learn. I found the best teacher to be personal experience and understanding every step of the trade.

We can Learn anything with the right mindset & awareness. Find that passion and nothing will feel like work ever again (just make sure it something productive with a positive outcome).

I like to do all sorts of things and am not afraid to try new and interesting things out even if they involve some risk & don’t work out.  Learning from your mistakes is one of the best tools out there since everyone will make differently similar mistakes if that makes any sense.

I am a very diverse & opportunistic person, I trade stocks, options, forex, penny-stocks, otc penny-stocks and invest in dividend stocks. When they start going under by -13% I automatically get stopped out. Learning how to Managing Risk in My Eyes The MOST Important Skill to Understand. Follow Stop Losses and create your Own Trade Plans! At least know why your trading the stock and not just because I or someone else tweeted about it. Don’t just throw your money away, be smart & devising brilliant plans that reassure you it’s a solid trade.


About Aaron

August 25th, 2015. Proof that setting goals and visualizing the things you want will help you get them. 

I’ve been doing this for 4 years now, and I defiantly understand what you mean, I want to travel the world and do great thing without a boss to worry about, we both know in 5-10 years we will be ballin hahah. Nothing happens overnight it’s all about dedication and being persistent even when trades get you down.

About Aaron

I’m a highly motivated & creative entrepreneur with a passionate drive to learn more about investing/trading,  business, marketing, and accomplishing my GOALS while helping others along the way.