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  • Start taking notes and understanding that the answers are right in-front of you, all you have to do is be willing to open your eyes and setup a realistic goal to achieve it. Get personal experience and start setting goals today!

Getting Started.

  • The first time I ever learned about the stock-market was in 2008 since I remember my parents struggling and seeing tons of local business close up. I didn’t really understand at the time since I was only 10, too bad I missed out on that glorious shorting action. The Big Short is a great movie that explains how people got super rich by shorting the toxic housing debt in 2007.

    4 Years later I’m in a Sophomore Business Class, and I hear my teacher say who wants to compete in a Virtual Stock Market Game? Immediately, I was curious, so I signed up having no clue how to invest or trade at all. I was 15 years old and found it very complex and overwhelming at the time.. My first Virtual Stock Game was a disappointment since I was clueless & loss -5% of 100K. I was pissed at myself since I saw some kids in my class up 10%-20% which seemed like crazy gains to me at the time. Ever since then I became driven to learn how to profitably trade and invest in the markets. 

    This is what got me Started & Thirsty as a Young-Trader. I’ve spent the last 4 years consistently learning & constantly evolving the way I trade. When I first started I lacked a simple, step by step process to create a trade plan. I was blindly investing not understanding what I was trading and if the company was actually legit. I learn the best through trial and error along with writing specific notes on what happend

    I love the diversity with stocks and the many market sectors available. I found it so interesting and fascinating to learn about the company and what they do, do they actually make money with their model and what does their stock chart look like / react in related news.

    Easy as it sounds it’s one of the most complex and comprehensive jobs or skills to learn today.
    Always manage RISK & plan ahead / visualize on what your intending to do.

Startup Guide



But Wait Whats the Purpose?

  •  Having a clear intuitive conscious is vital for success. Know you can achieve anything with the right mindset and goals.Whatever you can image and realistically perceive can happen. Planning ahead and accomplishing goals is so important. Learn from EVERY  f**kUp no matter how small, take notes and understand exactly what went wrong so IT DOESNT HAPPEN AGAIN!


    Play Virtual Stock Games for 1 – 2 years until you are familiar with the markets and enjoy watching and knowing the fluctuations.

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