Trade Resources

Here’s a list of trading resources I find helpful  for anyone watching the stock-market!

I wish I knew a list of all the best trade tools when I first started learning about the stockmarket! Would have saved a lot of time and energy! I plan to update this as new resources come along, bookmark it for your convenience. 

Disclosure: Please note that ZERO of the links below are affiliate links.

Trading Brokerage

Personally I found Robin-hood & Fidelity to be the best. I wasted a lot of time and money trying testing brokers. I like robin-hood because of the zero commission trading and fidelity for active trader since it has precise charts & L2.

Stock Screeners

There are a lot of different types of stock screeners but finviz is by far my favorite! This is one of the most essential tools to building your trading watch-lists! You can screen stocks that are in-play which makes it easier to find the hottest trades.

FinViz is pretty easy to use. Screeners can help you navigate and find awesome stocks to plan trades for!


Trader Knowledge

As a new trader you want a basic understanding of what’s happening in the markets. Staying informed with world and national market news is important.  I spent a lot of time exploring and reading MarketWatch when I first started learning about stocks! Don’t spend too much time here just briefly understanding daily or weekly of what’s happening in the markets. 

Basic Knowledge

Awesome website to learn about everything investing! its practically a dictionary on investing! Great resource to favorite and it’s really helped me learn about stocks and the meanings of fundamentals.

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) News

A Reading SEC filings and press release will help you understand what’s actually happening to the company you’re researching. Understanding how to read a quarterly or annual filing will broaden your knowledge if the company is succeeding (Buy) or failing (Short). Take the Time to Understand How the Company is Actually Doing, Read into the, income statement, Balance Sheet, Owners Equity Statement, 

SEC Filings

Stock Games

This is the best way to get experience as a young trader in highschool or college before putting real money on the line! Treat these games like your using actual money. “if you can’t make money from trading with 100 how can you make money trading with 1,000 and so on” 

Puppet Trading

Is taking someone’s Tweet or Idea and just throwing money at the stock. Along with NOT creating any trade plan or strategy other than “THEY SAY BUY I BUY” I am sadly guilty of this and EVERYTIME I’ve ever puppet traded I LOST money…

  • Take time to research the company, go to the company website, open up a 10k Filing,
  • Does this company make money
  • Ask Yourself does it look legit?
  • How does the chart look? Is it healthy or unhealthy?
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Mobile Apps

I’ve found some powerful apps on the Iphone. sorry android users i have no app experience but let me know if you want me to put any on the list that you find helpful!


The best stock charting app for the iphone / ipad period. Great displays you can customize all your chart settings its the best for the iphone. Stockideal is the best version totally worth paying $20. Stockmaster is free and an awesome way to watch your stocks!